A publication of Stand Up, The Well is a place for the Australian Jewish community and friends to gather, engage, discuss and refresh. Stand Up’s vision is for an Australian Jewish community actively pursuing social justice for all. A commitment to social justice, though, must be grounded in education. We must know for whom, with whom, and why we fight.

Launched in 2013, The Well is a series of opinion pieces that aim to educate, inspire, and promote discussion about social justice, from the blog and social media to the Shabbat table and beyond. Each article is a starting point, with featured links for further reading and discussion.

The symbolism of the well is multifaceted. It runs deep beneath the life of a community, and its depths represent the potential of the unknown. Historically, communities have structured their lives around its lifegiving force. Jewish tradition recounts the story of Miriam, Moses’ sister, on whose account a well of water travelled with the People of Israel through their wilderness journey. Upon Miriam’s passing, it disappeared. We derive from this that without a person to champion the source of life, life itself is threatened.

The Well aspires to relate to important, social justice issues in a similar way. Through sensitive and informed conversation, our community can champion these causes, helping them run deep within our own lives to become an essential focus for the whole community. The Well seeks to promote diverse ideas and voices; to inspire and provoke thought.

We invite you to join us around The Well and play an important part in contributing to the Australian Jewish social justice conversation.


The articles reflect the personal views of the contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Stand Up or the editor.

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