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Climate change and fascism – two sides of the same coin: disconnection

Published: December 18, 2017. Author: Tim Hollo. Themes: Climate Change.

It’s my contention that the rise of climate change and fascism have a common source: disconnection – from each other, from nature, from democracy.

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Episode Five: Rabbi Jacqui Ninio
Published: August 23, 2017. Themes: .

Rabbi Jacqui Ninio is the third ever Australian-born female Rabbi. She is a passionate, powerful and vital voice for compassion and justice in our community – on topics such as asylum seekers, marriage equality and more. We talked about the impact that gender has on her role as a Rabbi and community leader, and how and when she chooses to speak out on the contentious and controversial issues affecting society and our community. I hope you enjoy listening as much I did interviewing. 

Episode Four: Jarrod White
Published: July 4, 2017. Themes: mental health, psychology, trauma.

In this episode, we chat with Jarrod White about some of the WHYs of life. We talked a lot about why Jarrod thinks that Vince Vaughn would play him in a movie of his life, why remembering our past is vital for our future, why he parties as a means of release from the heavy emotional toll of his job and why and how he builds a tribe around him that allows him to be who he wants to be. Jarrod has just completed his PHD in psychology having written his thesis on how different cultural groups deal with trauma, he’s also an active community leader, pioneering game-changing mental health projects such as Life of Others, which you’ll hear more about in this episode. We had a good laugh but also got deep about some very important topics. Enjoy the episode!

Episode Three: Adina Bankier-Karp
Published: June 15, 2017. Themes: .

In this episode, we chat with Adina Bankier-Karp - an inspiring teacher, and thought-leader. Adina asks incisive questions and passionately encourages critical thinking. She just oozes intelligence and this is clear throughout the episode. You’ll leave this episode inspired to learn more and think deeper and clearer about your own views on a range of issues, including airport security, entertainment for education, organ donation, community vision and how to most effectively teach children about empathy and compassion.

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Farming for the future
Published: November 13, 2017. Author: Mikey Densham. Themes: Sustainability.

So imagine if by eating that humble salad or by purchasing an iconic Australian meat pie, we were taking steps towards a brighter future? Imagine if the kind of breakfast we chose to eat could mitigate climate change? Imagine if your Tuesday night stir-fry was helping create biodiversity and habitat for wildlife? Imagine if your poached eggs and avo helped create a better animal welfare system? Well, imagine no further, it’s the reality.

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What I have learnt
Published: October 20, 2017. Author: Lisa Buchner. Themes: Refugees.

When I started at Stand Up over thirteen years ago, I thought I understood the most effective ways to help marginalised youth, young mums and others at extreme disadvantage. But I soon realised how much I still had to learn.

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